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Exciting opportunity!  Come and visit us as we build our local model. Please Contact Us to arrange a time to come out and see our project. Incorporating several designs into the model to better display some of the options available to you.     


Renovation and construction experience for over 24 years enables us to be a guide for you in whatever role you require. As your local Timberhaven expert we are here to help.  From property locating and site selection to the log or timber design and onto construction and completion, we have you covered. 


The Timberhaven Log has removed most of the maintenance issues associated with a log or timber home. The building process is streamlined to make the “Forever Home” a reality. The Superior Engineered log or timber product makes construction and “fit” a near perfect reality. 


Complete project experience from start to finish enables us to assist you in all facets of your construction process. Knowing your budget and your wants/needs enables us to give you an upfront and honest cost estimate. 


Why Timberhaven Log & Timber Homes?  The best company that will stand behind the best product.

Construction of Our Model Below

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