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So many people have been asking us to post updates to our model home that we wanted to share these photos and updates.

Final coat of clear w/UV protectant applied in the living room - brings out the warmth of the wood (Light Natural stain)

Master bedroom ceiling (1”x8” Tongue and groove) some extra work but a definite attractive and unique finished product - ceiling fan accent in the middle and it will complete the feel (some sealed LED can styled lights on the outside perimeter are pre-wired in and just need the holes cut)

First bathroom on top (third floor) next to the Saloon tiled and grouted (just need to seal it and start setting the fixtures)

Porcelain 24” tile with a stone look pair nicely with the wood)

Top bedroom/office bathroom tiled (need to grout and seal (love the handy spacers)

Found this cool pattern and it was very affordable in Italian Porcelain - I’m going with a light colored un-sanded grout

Stay Tuned for More Updates!!

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